Tamagotchi vs. Social Networking

90s gearA few minutes ago, i accidentially found an old "Tamagotchi" i got as a present quite some years ago. When i thought about it, i saw an analogon to my current use of social networks: The Tamagotchi needs attention. It requires you to think about it all the time. You just needed to invest a couple of seconds every now and then, and if you did it right, you saw it grow and prosper. Now isnt that the same principle with you Facebook account? You log in 5 times a day, look what your friends are doing, give it some food represented by tweets or picture-uploads and then leave it alone. You see your network grow and prosper over time and just as a Tamagotchi, you build something up by investing just a minute here and one there. Does that thought lead to something? Deeper understanding? No. Probably not. But i gave my Blog-Tamagotchi a little food again...

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