Virtualbox and VMWare not running on Ubuntu 9.04 due to KVM kernel module

It turned out that the Q8200 processor i had in my machine at home was the only 4-core from intel without virtualization support. Therefore i could not run 64Bit clients in VMWare or Vitrualbox.

So i went into a shop and bought a shiny, new Q9400 instead. I went home, installed it and started my system, expecting more power and 64-Bit Support. But the effect was that neither VMWare 2.0 nor Virtualbox could start an image anymore. Not even 32 Bit images. A little research showed what the problem was: The kvm kernel module that comes with Ubuntu by default, could not be loaded with the old processor because of missing hardware support. With the new CPU, it loaded. Obviously the kernel module prevents the other virtualization engines to work.

De-Installing KVM was no option for me because i wanted to use it also for some tests. Therefore i searched for other options and found one in the ubuntu forum.

The solution that worked for me was to just unload the kernel modules before starting VirtualBox:

modprobe -r kvm_intel
modprobe -r kvm

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