iphone and CISCO VPN

So i have an iphone now. First thing i wanted to do is to connect it with the office network. Furtunately, it has a built-in Cisco VPN Client. But all i got from our IT department was a manual for setting up a windows client and a .pcf file containing the config information.

So i googled a little and found this:


What that says is:

go to settings::general::network on your iphone.

then open the VPN tab there. activate "ipSec", then enter a nice description.

for the other data, open the PCF file with a text editor. The Server name requested in the settings, you can find in the "Host" entry of the .pcf file. The account and password should be your normal credentials you use for network login. The group name required in the VPN settings you also find in the .pcf file (setting called GroupName).

The shared secret is stored encrypted in the .pcf file. To decrypt it, use this: http://www.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/~massar/soft/cisco-decrypt.c

Alternatively, you can just paste the setting besides enc_GroupPwd from your .pcf in the form on this site:


(that is if you trust ~massar not to steal your password ;-)

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