Plat_Forms contest 2011

In 2007 there was a programming competition conducted by the university of berlin and "Heise Verlag":
Different programming platforms for web applications (Java vs. PHP vs. Perl) should be compared and the result were analysed in many aspects. I took part as a member of the Zend team and had a lot of fun there.
Now Prof. Prechelt from FU Berlin is setting up another challenge. In January 2011, the contest will be repeated. With more platforms and even more fun this time. The official announcement can be seen here:

We are searching for 3-4 teams from the PHP area to participate there.
If you feel you and your 3-person team belong to the top level PHP developers and if you want to take the challenge and compete against Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and Perl teams, feel free to apply now!
See you there ;-)

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