Thunderbird / Lightning with .ics files

Since i am open source minded, i would like to use Mozilla Thunderbird for eMail and the Lightning plugin for Calendar functions (instead of Outlook).

It works great so far. Actually i think Thunderbird is among the best IMAP clients one can get. But it wouldn't process .ICS files sent in invitations by many outlook users. I searched on google and found that it should support it but it simply didnt. After digging a little deeper, i found the reason: In order for Lightning to process the .ics attachments and display the Accept/Decline buttons, Thunderbird needs to be configured to display attachments inline. It seems like the default is to not display attachemnts inline.

Just go to "view" menu and activate "Display attachments inline"  (Ansicht:Anhänge eingebunden anzeigen) and voilà it works.

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