iPhone Zoom always on: impossible to use

The iPhone 3GS has new accessibility features basically meant to help make use of the iPhone possible for everyone. However, my wife somehow unwillingly enabled the "ZOOM" accessibility feature. This lead to a 5x zoom of the complete display including the start screen. Unfortunately with zoom enabled, the sliders to unlock the phone or to accept a call were not usable anymore. She could not use the phone anymore (in the meantime i know that "tap with three fingers" would have helped). After a couple of hours trying restore and some other tricks we found in google, i became desperate enough to randomly click through iTunes searching for hints. And there it was: Under the iPhone menu option (where "update" and "restore" are available) i found a button called "Accessibility settings" (german: "Bedienhilfen konfigurieren") at the bottom of the screen. This opens a small dialogue containing switches for the different features. Disabeling the "Zoom" feature, then syncing solved the problem. Again something learned...
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