heat the world

I had a very interesting discussion with a funny guy on the train today. We discussed about efficiency of information technology from an energy standpoint. He said that all energy put into any computer is 100% converted into heat. So therefor, computers work with 0% energy efficiency. Now we are all working very hard to move everything to the cloud. And there, we try to use the resources (including energy) as efficient as possible because it matters in the dimension of a cloud service.

But why are computer cases still so inefficient in terms of energy re-use? Of course for my desktop at home it makes no sense to attempt to re-use the energy (unless i really stress my graphics card). This just works in bigger scale.

But couldnt we concentrate computing power in one room per street so that it makes sense to collect the energy back instead of blowing it into the environment? One datacenter could probably heat a block in your favourite city. If there was one in every street, we could re-use all the heat they produce for hot water, swimming-pools, etc.  ...

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