ErfurtWiki and SSL

Recently i searched for a quick solution to store some information and found ErfurtWiki. It is very simple, small and easy to embed. So i used it.

After some experimenting i got it to work for me. There was just one thing that annoyed me: When on https, it produces "bad request" after a page is edited.

I located the problem on line 972 of ewiki.php: the url for the redirect is built from some components including the server PORT, but not the protocol. So ewiki generated a URL with port 443 and method http. It can easily be fixed by replacing line 972 ($url= ...) with the following:

   if($_SERVER['HTTPS']) $protocol = "https://";
   else $protocol = "http://";
   $url = $protocol.$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]. $port . $url;

Other than that, ErfurtWiki is really cool. And extremely fast.

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