Windows 7 change System Drive

I had Vista on my Portege R500 and wanted Windows 7, so i cleared the 2nd partition on my hdd and installed 7 there. After solving a couple of minor problems, everything worked fine. Next thing would be: Get rid of the Vista partition and make it free for all my data, that had to move out on a USB drive to free space for Win7. Unfortunately, the Vista partition was still listed as the "system partition" and thus could not be deleted. So i googled a little and finally moved the /boot directory from the old Vista partition to the Win7 partition and used bcdedit.exe to modify the drive letter of the bootmgr (see howto).

When the system stopped with a "bootmgr not found. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart", i also used bootrec from the windows CD to make sure my MBR and boot sectors were in shape. Didnt help. I tried the automatic repair options on the Boot DVD, also without success. 

Finally, i found the problem: i did not copy the bootmgr file over from the vista partition to the win7 partition because i thought win7 would have installed it anyway and because i thought the repair routine would have repaired that. After making it visible (attrib -s -h O:\bootmgr), i could copy it over to my Win7 partition. Reboot- works!

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