mogileFS vs. me

Today i experimented a bit with MogileFS. The concept is simple and good: Upload and Download files via HTTP PUT/GET. No posix file system, no kernel manipulation, no raid needed.

So i thought i play with it a little. It is all Perl, so i treid to install it with CPAN. You need MogileFS::server, MogileFS::Client and MogileFS::Utils for a start.Unfortunately, the server was not built automatically with CPAN, so i needed to find CPAN's temp build dir and build it manually by typing "make" and "make install".

I followed a nice quickstart to initialize a database as needed. (i needed to provide additional --dbrootuser and --dbrootpass also to initialize the DB with ./mogdbsetup but the rest went as described there).

It showed my which config files were needed and how to set them up. I could start the tracker deamon as described.

I also could start the mogilestorageD as described and it accepted connections, but i could not make it answer requests properly. Therefoe i replaced it by lighty+mod_webdav and it worked (MogileFS can work with normal WebDAV servers on the Storage nodes).

Now i was in search for a good PHP client. Since i did not expect too much overhead in the client, i did not go for the PECL version, but checked out some PHP classes. i first tested one client but it appeared somewhat over-engineered. So i went back to an older version (with half the lines of code) i found on the danga site and patched it a bit to throw exceptions instead of returning false.

Over all, the system seems simple, stable and scalable. In one of my next projects, i will try to use it.

UPDATE: Ubuntu Version available [here] for installation via apt-get including perl 5.8.8 (5.10 does not work). mogstored also works there.

UPDATE: If you upload files with empty key, you will not see an error anywhere. It just deletes the files after upload...

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