Fun with Plesk 9.3

I recently set up an eMail-server on a system managed with Plesk 9.3 (i know, real men use the command line and text editors to configure their servers, but i am old and lazy).

Now i added DNS blacklisting to fight spam more effectively. And suddenly i could not send emails anymore. I must explain, it was a couple of years ago that i set up mail servers. After a little research i found out that DNS blacklisting comes in effect before the authentication of the SMTP connection can be tested. And i understand why this is. The workaround is easy: Don't use port 25 for email submission, but use the submission port 587 instead. And configure this port to not do DNS blacklisting. Cool. Plesk supports that but it appeared that nothing was listening on that port on my machine. After some hacking i found the reason: in /etc/xinetd.d there is a config file called submission.psa but this file should have the name submission_psa.

After renaming it, and restarting xinetd i can now email again! Why do i post it? Maybe this is a general problem in Plesk 9.3 manages servers, and if so, here is my workaround...

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