Toshiba Portege R500 and Win7

Yesterday i spent some time installing Windows 7 on my Portege R500 Laptop. Most of it went smooth:

Putty, OpenVPN, Truecrypt, most Hardware: No problem.

However, two problems persisted:

Novatel Wireless broadband device (UMTS modem) and Fingerprint Software.

Forums say, the Vista Version of the Novatel Drivers supplied by Toshiba would work. So i downloaded them but unfortunately, they refused to install. Now Windows Troubleshooting told me to check this URL.And at least this one installed. I do not see anything in my system yet. Will reboot and then report more...

UPDATE: Driver now works. But now i keep getting the Message "Radio Off" ("Funk aus") when starting the Mobilink application after the prompt for a PIN. Some research brought up this Link. I have the suspicion, that my Vodafone SIM card is not supported with my current configuration and i need some firmware patch. Update of the firmware however also did not help. Next step i will search for the files named a the bottom of the post linked above.

UPDATE: After browsing through a thousand forums and installing/deinstalling different driver versions over and over again, i finally found the solution: UMTS modem is switched off after Boot. Need to activate first with FN-F8. Now it works!

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