Upgrading to VMWare Player 3.0 on Ubuntu 9.10

After all my struggle with VMWare Infrastructure 2.0 on Ubuntu (see below), i now upgraded the ubuntu version on my machine and also replaced the VMWare infrastructure with VMWare Player 3.0.

And: Yes! Finally everything works as expected! No more Tomcat Java Server infrastructure, No more Java Applet to control the VMs. And most interesting: Now the shared folders do work. I can access certain folders in the host's system from within the VM. Security problem? Well, the VM guest is a development machine, so i don't care.

But there were some problems also.

#1: The machines would not start. They tried but then they were suspended right away. I found that it was because of access rights: The VMWare player is started by my user account, so requires the VM Files to be read/writeable by this user. The VMWare infrastructrue seems to have run under user "root" and thus, a lot of files were owned by this user. chown -R helped.

#2: After initial success, the eth0 network device in my guest systems disappeared. After a little research i found that this was due to changing MAC addresses in the VMWare player. This can be solved by setting the addresses to a fix value in the .vmx file but if you want to be able to copy your image to other locations also, this might be too restrictive, especially if you use NAT and run the image more than once. A small change to the network config in the guest did the job finally. This way i also learned about /etc/udev/rules.d... Linux is so cool! I got my solution here, inspired by the german vmware forums

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